Silently;quietly,tell it to me,

Swift and instantaneous  would my replies be,

To all your whims,I would pander,

Only ensure your demands are muffled and in cloak and dagger,

Your enemies will i fight,

And your friends will be mine,

Anything you want i would do,

Anything for you,

Only do not say it out loud.

Say it loud enough for me to hear,

And I am fast enough no need to fear,

all you need do is for you to be clear,

and say it loud enough for me alone to hear…

Only one thing should you say out loud,

Only one thing should the world hear about,

Only one thing do I want reaching the clouds…

That you love me,

Say that out loud.

Say it out loud,

And all my afflictions and burdens will be rolled away,

Say it out loud,

And my fears and cares will fade away,

Say it out loud,

And I would  care not if heaven and earth passed away,

Just say,

Only say,

That you love me,

More than love could ever imagine.


13 Comments Add yours

  1. anita says:

    Good job dolly p, I like it a lot. 😉

    1. dollarpo says:

      Thanks bro,but your posting your comment using my account.

    2. dollarpo says:

      Thanks Annie,glad u do.

  2. joke says:

    Bravo ! Nice write up

  3. dollarpo says:

    Hmmm… This is lovely,thumbs up.

  4. Morgan says:

    Lover boy, nice one.

    1. dollarpo says:

      lol,thanks bro…God bless you.

  5. joy bby says:

    I will say it out loud.I love u

    1. dollarpo says:

      I love you too Joy,God bless you.

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