It was in late 2012,in the month of July,precisely on the 30th day that Sanusi  and his gang of experts decided it was time for a new family of notes to be printed,pursuant to some form of economic policy which I and a lot of  the members of my family did not understand and no one cared to explain or elucidate,WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE? We are but bank notes,who did not need or deserve any explanation,Just pay the bills and all is well.

Not to digress,we were printed in our multiples,of various shapes and sizes,both male and female…I am certain most of you did not know about this gender variation,now you know!! I was a ‘one thousand naira note’ and was lucky to be put amidst a lot of beautiful girls and this I  think was down to me possessing some effeminate  features that kind of deceived my ‘minters’ or whatchamacallit ,I was pretty in all ramifications,pretty i think sounds priscly feminine,I was a beautiful man according to everyone,I possessed seraphically  toned white skin,with lovely brown markings,I was averagely built with bulging biceps and triceps and a body to die for.I wasn’t the tallest in my clan but certainly the most handsome.The guys were jealous because the ladies love me and always wanted to be around me,I was their love and the love of their lives,we partied together,ate,drank,sang,all in the mint.Life was fun and fair,life was a party until…

We were being packed in big,blue,white and red bags I later discovered were  called ‘Ghana must go’. I,my girls and the other members of my clan did not know what was happening till we in those bags were grabbed by several hefty looking men who hurried towards an  ugly looking van of dark-blue shade guarded by several uniform men in black,then it dawned on us that it was time to leave.We were placed systematically side by side and on top of one another in the van,till there was no room for any other bag,then the van was door was shut and the next we knew,we were in motion.WHERE WERE WE HEADED?


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  1. Unilaglss says:

    Cool … Promises the start of a thoroughly interesting experience. Fun reading …. It compels imagery and imagination cos truth be told… I was @ sea for a sec, but it clicked 😀

    1. dollarpo says:

      Baba be,thanks bro…God bless you

    2. dollarpo says:

      Baba be,God bless you bro…

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