Woe betide me,

If I made my mother cry,

may thunder strike me dead,

if I am wealthy and my family beg for bread,

may worms and vultures feed on  my corpse,

if I died poor or my account red because of a loss,

may I develop caries,

if i ever bite the finger that once fed me,

may I die all over again,

if i died an unfulfilled man,

may I wrath and burn in hell,

if I leave the  Lord and serve mammon.


May death hold me captive,

if I slept and not wake,

and sleep take ransom,

if I worked without break.

Woe betide me,

if I made a clanger and not correct,

or make plans to so amend.

May I be dragged to hell like Faustus,

if I ever went on a quest for magic,

and may my end be tragic,

if I so use enchantment and divination for evil or for my own selfish interest.

May I be exhausted after the dummy-run,

if I attempt to flunk the real one.

May my heart bleed to death,

as a corollary of the heartache I felt,

if I failed to have dealt

with the niggling pain i felt

till it brought me regret.

May sleep flee my eyes,

and tranquility my heart,

if I failed to be alert,

when there is peace,till war gets to my backyard.

Woe betide me,

if I,my fellow man slaughter,

for riches and all that glitters.

May I go on a journey of no return,

if I died and however still mourn.

May I be chased by a chariot from hell,

if I failed to rise after I fell.

May I be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea,

if I only looked and not see.

May I be stuck in the middle

and may my star dwindle,

if I ever refused to run and win the race of life

or so choose to fumble.

Woe betide me,

if I fell and not rise.

May serpents crush my feet

and thorns prick my head,

if I begged for meat,

or in slavery for bread.

May my mouth be moth-eaten

and my voice ‘sound-ridden’

if I am  caught scuttle-butting

about myself to my sworn enemy.

May my hand be numb,rotten and spoiled,

if I beat my woman or reveal a blue-black spot.

May blotches be hair

and measles be wears,

if my misery is near

and I still stand and stare.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. afope says:

    Woe not betide you -_- lool. Good job 🙂

    1. dollarpo says:

      Lool,thanks sweetheart…Glad u think so Fopsy

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