My ma,is the world’s most beautiful creature,

she taught me the way and the culture,

for me,she did her best to nurture

even in her leisure

she always schooled without seizure,

teaching a lot,thus soothing my suture,

beautiful in appearance and so in behavior,

notable for her kindness and peaceful nature,

her habit and conduct,her prettiest feature,

though not so rich but content with her little measure,

hoping and praying for a better future,

praise her key and prayer her signature,

tis’ piece of writing is more than just literature,

it is the appreciation of the world’s greatest creature.





8 Comments Add yours

    1. dollarpo says:

      Thanks for reading Boro. 😉

  1. mimewinifred says:

    this is a really lovely piece…. interesting and innovative. .

    1. dollarpo says:

      Thanks Mime.God bless you.Glad u like it.

    1. Thanks Fope,glad u like it. :*

  2. yejy says:

    This is so sweet
    Cheers 2 all mums😊

    1. Thanks Yeji,glad u think so. Cheers to all mums

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