How do you feel when you gun a man down?How do you feel when you pump bullets into innocent women and children?Thus reducing them to still,lifeless,hole-filled bodies with blood splattered all over them. In that moment you must feel equal to God;the one who has the power to give and take lives,or slightly beneath him. Does reducing a building filled with hundreds of people into dust and smoke quench your insatiable blood thirst?Or does it make it more gargantuan? How about kidnapping young school girls?Taking them from the comfort and safety of their homes and the custody and care of their aged parents and loved ones. Continuously raping,beating and torturing them must tickle your fancy. I’m certain it feels good.

I’m dead sure it reminds you of Pizza with cheese topping or freshly baked chocolate cake with that extra icing along with ice-cream,or ‘Ramen’ noodles with a little bit of Sushi or freshly tapped palm-wine along with peppered chicken,snail or ‘tinko’.You probably have never heard of any of these things,so does it taste like ‘fura de nunu’ or ‘kunu’? I’m quite convinced it comes with that overwhelmingly awesome feeling you get when you score a try or make a home run,it must feel as good as making the basket in overtime or scoring a goal in the dying seconds of the UEFA champions league or World Cup final.You cannot tell me otherwise,it must feel good,really good,at that moment you must be ecstatic.

You must feel on top of the world,you certainly will be up there in clouds,contesting with the stars. I mean when you cause so much grief,pain and tears,when you bring this nation of ours to her knees. I know it makes you feel great,of course it does,because you do it repeatedly,continuously,consistently and ceaselessly. The sight of blood, does it turn you on?
Hope it gives you orgasmic or near mastubatory pleasure. I hope it does.I know you are irritated by tranquility and serenity,the sight and sound of peace makes you queasy,disgusted and nauseous. It makes you want to throw up,doesn’t it?Tell me how you feel again.

How do you live with yourself?How do you sleep at night?What do you dream about?I hope you dream of blood,skeletons,bones,corpses,charred flesh,demons and ghosts .I just hope you dream of a holocaust,of massacres and genocides…How are you able to pray to God?What do you pray about?How do you do your ablution with those blood filled hands?Those hands that have endlessly taken,terminated and continues to terminate human lives .Do you actually think the water will wash your sins away?
How do you eat with those fingers?Who eats with blood dripping
hard and fast from their fingers?Doesn’t that bother you?

I’m certain you have heard of death. It is your accomplice,you always leave it in your wake. How then would you feel when you die?How would you feel when you breathed your last?You would also die I assure you,you would die a slow and painful death,you and your misled friends. You would wake up one morning,leave your base to once again wreck havoc and not return,the heads of those you have killed previously will bring you misfortune,our armed uniform men will get there on time before you strike,you will be ambushed,several bullets will hit you and the members of your gang,a lot of them will die instantly,where’s the fun in that?

You are strong and thus refuse to stay down,you will run but your legs will fail you,you will try to hide but ideas will evade you,so you keep running though covering little distance,the blood of others that once dripped from your hands will escape boundless-ly from your body,I just hope it still tickles your fancy;blood I mean. Your eyes will become dim,heat and jitters will at the same time overwhelm you,your legs will become numb,you will feel pain;only pain;cold numbing excruciating pain,I hope that still turns you on.Before long,all of your strength,stamina and will power will vanish,your mind will be willing but your body will no longer be yours,you are no longer at ease. Vultures will at this moment begin to hover around,hyenas and wild dogs will be somewhere lurking,the sweet enticing smell of your blood has called their attention. They patiently wait for that moment when all you can do is squeal and squeak;the moment you cannot fight back and that moment is… NOW!!They attack your feeble helpless body,expertly and mercilessly severing your body parts limb after limb,then flesh,sinews and the likes,you in turn can only utter a half-hearted scream,you will yell and groan and no one will hear you.You will feel helpless,do you know how it feels to be helpless? Such a gory sight .Then the inevitable will happen,you will die. How then will you feel?Tell me how.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Toluwalogo says:

    Soo exact. How ? The question thats on everybody’s lips. Great work

    1. dollarpo says:

      😉 .Thanks for reading dear,God bless you.

  2. Tosin says:

    We can just go on imagining that these guys would ask themselves these questions cos I just can’t see any reason behind all these gory acts that we are experiencing at the moment… All I can just think of is the people who have been affected by the terrible act of this useless and no purpose driven sect asking the questions above in this article… I know one thing for sure, God is on the throne and he knows all things… Great one bro… God bless and more ink to the pen.

    1. dollarpo says:

      I know right,yeah God is on the throne and I pray He works this out soonest. Thanks bro,Amen

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