There is a country,
lying daintily in the heart of Africa,
where the air is wild and free
rushing and whizzing through the shrubs,crops and trees,
with grasses green and unbelievably gay,
and skies blue enough to suggest that one day;
there can be peace in this troubled but beautiful world.
There’s a country made of dreams;
with beautiful landscape,animals,rivers and seas,
a country blessed with milk and honey,
crude oil,coal,iron ore,grains,oh blimey, with tales beautiful,blissful and never gory.
A country,home to the world’s most beautiful people;
170million happy,hardworking and painstaking people,
people hospitable,kind and friendly,
a country of avid respecters of God and religion,
people brave,determined and homely…
A country,our country…Nigeria.

There was a country,
which was the envy of Heaven,
even nations of the earth in her presence couldn’t breathe till the count of seven,
a country which has attained heights that are of thinking wishful,
a country safe,serene,calm and peaceful,
a country of giants,
God’s own country … one which is now…
derilict;a relic of its former self,
a surviving memorial of our past,
the remains of our desolate yesterday;our hell,
a carapace that once kept us safe,
now lamentably becoming a haven of destruction,
one now redolent with the thick air of mass pandemonium and extirpation,
in the smoke,bullets fired blindly,
people dying,their screams,corpses;
flesh,sinews,muscles,fibres and bones
followed by a cacophony of hoots,cackles and wails,
wails of disheartened and inconsolable relatives,
tears like rivers flowing incessantly…

There will be a country,
Where we all would together live in unity,
despite the well pronounced and obvious diversity,
one in which peace isn’t a luxury,
and where the shouts and screams we hear are only one of celebration,
a country where we can have faith in one another,
and we all can progress together,
a country where everything works right,
and there’s indeed a silver lining in sight,
a country where the strife and sufferings of the past are forgotten,
and the glory days begotten
a country where one and one isn’t eleven,
but one,two,three plus 4 is seven,
a country where jointly we can create for ourselves a nation of heavens.


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