One word,one word that brings grief pain and sorrow,
one word that prevents man from seeing the morrow,
one thing which doth take our friends and loved ones away,
one price that we all must pay,
no longer to keep,no longer to hold,
their bodies in tombs that worms doth enfold.
Though thou bring sadness and sometimes reeling,
but thou marks an end to a life that’s been fulfilling,
Thou art a relief from strife
and an escape from error,
as there’s little joy in life,
and in the grave no terror.

So death,where is thy sting?
gird your loins and spread thy wings,
come hither and respond to my call for thy name I sing,
gather all the stars thou hath dimmed as bling,
forth with thou an answer should thou bring,
for in thy ears forever will I ring,
Death,where is thy sting?

East to west,we see thy merciless hand,
north and south be under thy command,
young and old,thy cold arm doth not spare,
impish and aged escapes not thy snare,
Though ye are mighty and powerful,thou art nothing but a word,
an idea at best would thou be called.
Death,dear death,where is thy sting?

Where art thy club,where art thy dagger?
where art thy venomous,fearsome anger?
where art thy colts,where art thy riffles?
where art thy ferocious arsenals of battles?
where art thy great and mighty strength?
one which thou hath wielded for a time of great length?
where art thy horses?where art thy chariots?
where art thy tools of gruesome riots?
Death… where is thy sting?

Where art that fearsome aura which make people cringe?
where art the pandemonium and chaos which thou bring?
where art thy spears?where art thy gavelock?
where art thy most potent and poisonous hemlock?
where art thy most fatal and deadly blow?
this and things aplenty I want to know.
For thou art nothing but eternal and blissful sleep,
which even with poppy and opium one cannot keep,
thou art nothing but a ceasing of breath,
and the vacation of this sinful place called ‘Earth’,
thou art a transition to glory and not a fall,
so come hither and take us all.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. joke says:

    Wow! Nice diction nd a good flow of thought

    1. dollarpo says:

      Thanks Joke,glad u like it.God bless you

  2. T.M.D says:

    Hmmmm….I never knew u cud write dis good…well done ore Mi

    1. dollarpo says:

      Bobo,thanks for reading. Lol,I never knew too. Tnks again ore.

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