The poem black is not lack is a free verse(that is a poem without a rhyme scheme or pattern), but it could be seen to have a few rhyming word at the end of some lines. Black is my favourite colour by the way. Hope you enjoy it. Please comment and share. Thank you.

Black is a place…somewhere in Africa,
Its a word with deep-seated and down-reaching connotations,
Its a state of mind;
A belief in something …and nothing,
Its an idea,
It is a story,
A story of you and I,
Its our history written in black flailing ink,
Its the dark lines etched on the walls of our hearts,
And the heavy metals that lacerated the wrists and ankles of our ancestors,
Its their ululations upon the landing of the evil whip on their bruised and scarred behinds,
Its the blood streaming down their backs,
Its the mould of powdery earth that they trod bare-footed,
And the slave ships they rode in with little or no clothes on,
Its the shivers that ran through their spines,
Its their flu,fever and aches,
black are the ones who fell by the way side,
Black is their deaths…

Black is a symbol of strength,
It is a symbol of life and not death,
It is the deafening squeal that swept through the atlantic,
A representation of pain,strife and grief we endured,
Its the black uniform of the buffalo soldiers,
Its them fighting,battling,waring for freedom,
Tis the Apartheid in South Africa,
It is the massacre at Sharpeville,
A constant reminder of our several years in slavery,
It is our struggle for freedom,
Our resistance,
Its our heritage.

The world was black before God called for light
And black is the colour of the night.

Black is the strength of Shaka Zulu,
It is the venomous anger of ‘the god of thunder’ Sango,
It is Malcom X’s,Martin Luther King Jnr’s and Booker T Robinson’s fight against discrimination and struggle for equality,
It is Mohammed Ali’s speed,charisma and dexterity,
It is the love,peace and calm that comes with Mariam Makeba,
And the painstaking,perseverance and sacrifices of Mandela.
It is the super-sonic speed of Usain Bolt
It is Achebe’s ‘Things fall apart’, Soyinka’s ‘Abiku’,
JP Clark’s Agbor Dancer,
W.E.B Du Bois ‘Souls of black folks’
,Ben Carson’s ‘Gifted Hands’,
And Wa Thiongo’s ‘Wizard of the Crow’.
It is the undeniable,sui generic beauty of Ophrah Winfrey,Hally Berry and Lupita Nyongo,
It is the skill and deftness of George Oppong Weah,Samuel Eto’o Fils,Kanu Nwankwo and Jay Jay Okocha.
It is Barack Obama,
Its Stevie Wonder’s wonder,
Its the ‘mashed-potato’ dance of James Brown,
Michael Jackson’s ‘Moon Walk’,
It is Reggae,Juju,Apala and Afro music,
It is the sweet,sultry voice of Diana Ross,
It is the best of us.

The colour black is
It is a blessing and not the mark of the curse of cain,
Blacks are not under-privileged and it isn’t a lesser race,
Its a superior one,
Black is the colour of the gods,
It is the colour of magic,imaginations and dreams,
Close your eyes and see black,
Black isn’t needy,
Black complements,it completes and preserves,
A black is not servile,primitive or naïve,
A black is lord and master,
Being black is the new black,
Black is beautiful,


11 Comments Add yours

  1. joke says:

    Wow!nice nd very inspiring poem this is.Am happy 2 b a black,God bless d writer 4 dis beautiful piece

    1. Thanks Joke. I’m too,glad u like it. Amen,God bless this reader immensely too.

    1. Thanks Afope,glad u like it.

  2. Folu' Fabulous says:

    I’m glad I finally met someone who loves Black not just as a colour, but in its totality. Nice piece bro.

    1. Thanks bro,I’m glad u like it. Glad u like black too. God bless you

  3. Tosin says:

    Boom!!! black is natural! black is neutral!
    nice piece bro… more BLACK to thy ink. much love

    1. Thanks bro,glad u like it. God bless you. Black sure is. Amen

  4. demilhadey says:

    First of all, this poem screams research! I love it, a lot. I feel like painting myself even darker!! 😀

    1. Lool yeah it does, thanks darling…glad u like it. Really? :*

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