Sometimes I wait for inspiration,other times it waits for me,sometimes I have deadlines and this is one of those times… Everyone will die,so why run away from it. I hope you enjoy it

If day breaks and you find that I’m not here,
Do not weep for me just try to be of good cheer,
Though I may seem far away be sure that I’m always near,
Till we meet again,it won’t be up to a thousand year(s).

And if I should ever die,
I hope I’m able to kiss you goodbye,
And look deep into your beautiful black eyes,
And tell you things that’s not a bunch of lies.

If I should die,don’t cry for me calling it a loss,
And when I close my eyes don’t make out of it a fuss,
For i ride on the back of an albatross,
its my vehicle to the world across.
If I ever make the wings of death my doss,
Don’t be distraught,I have only gone to be with my boss.

And If I should die tomorrow,
I hope that it doesn’t bring you much sorrow,
And I hope it takes a long while before anyone follows,
Cause I came alone and its best I returned solo.

If I should die
And you should live,
Don’t sit around,to mourn and grieve,
Just pray for me and please believe,
I have gone to the Lord to eternally live.

And when I exit this fiery,windy,earthly and watery land,
I hope I am judged by the works of my hand,
And I hope it,the test of time stand.
And if for any reason I cease to stay atop this blessed land,
I hope an angel takes me by the hand,
and lead me to a city where they have gold as sand.

If the night becomes dark and the morn crystal clear,
And roads become deserted and wanted wear,
And I’m no where to be found;I disappear,
Its not because I do not care,
I have gone to be with one who more than cares.

On the day I die,
I hope that it rains a heavy rain,
And that the heaven cry,
And the earth shed tears of pain

And If I should ever die,
Or may be I probably won’t
again do not cry,
And if peradventure you couldn’t,
think of me and smile,
Or maybe you shouldn’t.

On the day I get captured in death’s cage,
I pray I’m old and stricken with age,
On the day I sleep and I exit through the backstage,
Remind me to leave with all of my baggage.

And if I should ever leave,
I hope its without regrets,
On the day I leave you bereaved,
I pray my memory fade not as quick as smokes from cigarettes.

If I by chance exit this yard of vines,
I pray they fall in pleasant places for you;the lines,
Don’t be heart-broken and take it easy on the wine,
I have gone to meet the groom,to wine and to dine.

Whenever I die,I know its dated
I hope to God that I’m pleasantly celebrated,
I hope that I’m forgiven and no one ever hated.

If I should die,you should know,
That I do love you so,
Wherever I be,wherever I go,
I will always pray for you oo.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. joke says:

    The truth but it is bitter…nice one,well done

    1. Yeah,the truth is always bitter. Thanks a lot…for always reading.God bless you.

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