You can’t go to bed without looking in the mirror,
So you can analyze what you consider God’s greatest error,
You always find a way to apply your foundation,
Right before the day wakes to a jubilation,
Cos’ you are scared that you have a ghoulish morning look,
And owing to that your man will force his way off of the hook,
Unlike that of your dad,there is no prophesy that is agelong;
That in a few years you will be as hairless as a dugong,
So you worry that your hair has refused to grow thick and long,
And you so desire that it grows full and free,flowing like a celebratory song.

When I look at you,
There’s not a thing I would undo,
All the little things you don’t like about you,
Are the reasons why I love you.

You worry so much about how much you weigh,
So you stay in the gym for the better part of the day,
Working barbells,dumbbells and other heavy stuffs,
Doing several reps of sit-ups,push-ups and squats,
You detest it when your friends say,”you are almost the size of world”,
And you will give anything to be anything but what you are called,
And when others tease that, “you possess a low centre of gravity”,
It hits your spine with tremendous acuity,
So you eat nothing apart from fruits and greens,
So you can finally fit into those perfect size 10 dresses and jeans.

If perfect is what you are searching
Just stay the same
Because just the way you are,you are amazing
And perfect is you,misname(d).

You hate that you talk in your sleep,
And are worried that out of your mouth will your secrets one day slip,
You so dislike that you hold anyone that sleeps next to you,
When on a daily basis you avoid people touching you.
You hate that you smile with your teeth all out,
And it reveals what you and your friends call ‘fangs’,
You worry that because you are one hell of a firebrand,
You might never be able to get yourself a husband,
And no matter what,you won’t forgive that man;
Who said “You were too beautiful to be a woman.”

Don’t look in the mirror hating what you see,
Say”I love myself because I’m me”,
You should learn to love yourself too,
Cos the way you are,I love you.

You believe that the black spots found atop your skin,
Are as a result of your ancestors sin(s),
You could even remember when you were much younger,
How parents forbade their kids from interacting with you cos they thought you were a “disease-carrier”,
Now that you are grown in numbers,sideways and upward(s),
You are still pained when people call you leopard
So you try several creams and lotions,
And consume drugs,injections,more pills and potions,
Just so that the spots disappear,
And you possess a skin that is flawless and crystal clear.

Having everything perfect in perfect places all at one time,
Would most likely be considered a crime,
A face of a goddess,a body of flame and steel with flawless fragile hands,
Could be enough reason in this world, to land you behind bars,
But don’t worry your pretty little head,
You are as hot as the colour ‘Red’.

The African Lady by Moyo Ayo-Ogunmuko

The African Lady by Moyo Ayo-Ogunmuko


4 Comments Add yours

  1. adeboro says:

    I absolutely love this, Dolapo!

    1. Thanks a mill Boro. πŸ™‚

  2. olamideabe says:

    this is so BEAUTIFUL dollar!!!!

    1. Thanks darling,glad u like it. πŸ˜‰ :*

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