Hope you enjoy reading this

If for some reason you are far away,
Or to the end of the world you choose to stray,
And back to me you refuse to come,
Or to one another,we strangers become,
As long as the stars twinkle in the night,
You my dear would have me as your knight.

As long as I am breathing in and out
As long as my light has not been put-out
As long as its about you,
Be rest assured that I’d forever be true,
Always and forever will I love you.

Insofar as blood still flows through my veins,
I’d give you everything other than troubles,tears and pains,
Even when I’m aged,feeble and weak,
I’d be your strength and shield,7days a week,
Forever together is my plan for us,
If He tarries,our Lord Jesus.

I will love you until the rainbow burns the stars out of the sky,
Always,until the oceans cover every mountain high,
Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream,
Until water vacates,the rivers,oceans and stream(s)
And till the moment love itself loses clue,
Be rest assured that I won’t stop loving you.

Until blindness becomes a sign of wisdom,
And slaves become kings in the absence of freedom,
Until vultures forbid feeding on the dead,
And humans now on their heads tread,
And peradventure you need assurances boo,
Always and forever will I keep loving you.

A friend of mine really wanted me to slow down on the sad stories and poems about death and the likes and write about love,traveling and other fun things. So Rachel here it is,this is for you. Hope y’all like it though


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  1. rachel says:

    Hehehehe. Love is a beautiful thing. Always and forever.

    1. Lool yeah it is. No sad stuff this time Rachy. Thanks for stopping by. Glad u like it.

    2. Unilaglss says:

      Rachel… the Grand instigator!!!!

      1. Lool yeah,the Grand Instigator Rachel!!

  2. Djetore says:

    wow Dolapo, am shocked, u came so close to writing a happy poem bt u’ll always be u. Very beautiful poem, something dat can only be appreciated by someone as passionate as you. Bravo!

    1. Lool Akpevwe,close…that’s something ,I’d take that as a compliment. Yeah one can never really totally change. Thanks a mill for reading dear,glad you like it. God bless u

  3. Esther Eze says:

    Nice one dolapo

    1. Thanks Esther,glad u like it.God bless u

  4. Folu Fabulous says:

    Good one. You can do this once in a while and then revert back to your real self. tell them the truth about death and about the end of the world. God bless ya.

    1. Thanks Folu,lool yeah I can. Thanks for always reading bro,God bless you.

  5. Oyindolapo says:

    This is wonderful namesake!

    1. Thanks for reading namesake,glad u like it.

    2. Thanks for reading namesake. Glad u like it

  6. yejy says:

    Really lovely.great job dear

    1. Thanks Yeji,glad u think so. Thanks again dear

  7. Tosin says:

    Always and Forever,hmmmmmmm. Always and Forever, reading on this blog is excitement. God bless you Dolapo… Always and Forever

    1. Lool nice one Tosin,thanks for reading ‘always and forever’. Amen. May God bless you too,always and forever.

  8. demilhadey says:

    ‘Until vultures forbid the eating of the dead, and humans on their head, tread’. This is a lovely poem or article. Too lovely.

    1. Demilade!!!!! Thanks dear,u r lovelier!!

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