Happy new year everyone. For reasons beyond my control the 2nd part took almost forever and I apologize for that. It is finally here and if you haven’t read the first part you can find it here . Enjoy

…Yes DEATH,that old inconsiderate bully who rears his ugly head in the businesses of everyone and anyone,visiting uninvited and taking whatever and whoever pleases him,this death has visited my household today …

Each of the masked men clutched their AK 47 rifles and fired several shots at and into my sisters’ and parents’ motionless bodies splattering blood,sinews and shards of flesh all over the living room sofa and rug. This as I garnered,they did to eliminate or reduce any chance of an offspring resulting from their numerous conquests,to also destroy any form of (human)evidence that maybe used against them in the court of law (in case they got caught). I guess I garnered wrong,because these people do not appear like they cared or believed they could ever be caught as they could be heard chanting ‎“mu waɗansu abũbuwan bautãwa fãce Allah ne mafi girma, Allahu Akbar!!”meaning we are gods but Allah is the greatest,God(Allah) is greater.” Allah is indeed greater and patient too because if he wasn’t,thieves,rapists,murderers like you would not be able to perpetrate evil and in the process still call his name”,I thought to myself. This thought;my friend;my family;my companion;this thought is all that I have now,nothing more…

I was distraught,my whole world had crumbled before my very eyes,I was now orphaned,’kinless’ all in the space of minutes,my life was literally over. One of the masked men entered the living room carrying a plastic container filled with a liquid substance resembling gasoline,I was too damaged to worry about anything in this world. He poured the content on my sisters’ and parents’ now dead body and at strategic locations in the building which hitherto housed I and the other members of my nuclear family( before this gory incident I mean). After emptying the content of the plastic container,he with the help of the other men proceeded to assemble the bodies together and thereafter lit a match seconds after fleeing to a safe distance where the flames could do them no harm. In a matter of minutes the whole house had erupted in flames and the air was redolent of thick black smoke. They mounted their heavy vans and fled the scene;our house and the village as a whole with the same speed they stormed it with but nevertheless staying long enough to cause me and my family all the harm anyone could imagine in this world. The atmosphere became too heated and unbearable for me,I could barely breathe or see anything,I,not caring anymore for my life or if they were around scurried and scampered out the building surprisingly unscathed, I was already dead and if I would physically die,I would rather one similar to that of the members of my family;yes a swift though painful death;a death by the gun.

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me,I ran till my feet felt sore and numb,I ran till my legs could take no more of the strain or even the weight of my body,then I stopped…to sojourn in this ocean of gigantic trees and shrubs;this forest which will serve as my home till I can figure out what the next step should be. Home;a house filled with the people I love;my family,home;Bornu,my friends,teachers and principal,HOME… The thought of home makes me want to die. At least when I die I’d be with the people I love and the ones who love me back. Not this place I now reside;not this wicked empty world,not this evil world.

Days passed,fleeting like a dream but I was in no way dreaming. Or am I? I was wild awake still in this forest;this forest which has housed me since my loss;this same forest which has purged my head of the ghosts that once filled it like food in the belly. Speaking of food,Tuwoshinkafa;the last meal I had with my family before disaster struck;ever since I have fed on fruits, and water from the benevolent storehouse of Allah… this forest;my salvation. Muddy thoughts gagged my mind,thoughts which cleared up only to the notion of death,revenge and more deaths,HOMICIDE!! Who was I going to kill?The men whose faces weren’t revealed,faces that hid behind masks;those masks that further twisted the tongues emanating from the mouth of my mind,those masks…

Those masks that marked my transition from a spoilt rich brat to a damaged young adult,those marks that haunted and hastened my journeying footsteps from the forests of Bornu to a nearby city,those masks that masked the pain and hurt and tucked them safely in my past. Those marks that scarred me…
Out of Allah’s continued benevolence,I came across a stream,I drank to my fill and washed myself and my now brown (previously white) and smelly ‘Jalabia’.I waited till it was dry enough to be worn and continued my journey to the unknown;my quest for road;tarred un-deserted road which meant human contact for me and most importantly a new beginning,a market preferably where I can earn a honest living for myself. I spoke and understood English and Hausa, and writing isn’t rocket science for me,so I would infact do well. Allah be praised,in a few hours I found one.

Days turned to weeks;weeks,months and months years. 8 years of me working as a load-carrier in the market and also a labourer in an uncompleted building not too far from the one I stay. No,stayed. The uncompleted building where I met the undisputed love of my life;my wife;Halimatu Shadiya,this uncompleted building owned by my (now) father-in-law;Alhaji Aliko Mustapha,a very wealthy politician…Sauran su ce shi ne tarihi meaning ‘the rest they say is history’

Today,”Allah ya mani jinƙai ni” (Allah has been merciful to me),all the things I lost I have received in a million folds. I have my beautiful and now pregnant(again) wife;Halimatu Shadiya,2 beautiful kids named after my parents;Mohammed(10) and Mariama(7) and a huge mansion and several exotic cars to call my own. I was also only recently appointed the Minister of Defence owing to being a hard working,committed and dedicated officer and rising from there to the top in the Nigerian army,my father-in-law’s goodwill and most importantly,Allah. Though the memory of what has happened still torments me in my dreams but I do not have to worry for my own safety and security,I have trained military personnel who do that(that is me cracking a joke),God does that and perhaps the state of the nation is a constant worry which keeps me out of bed before the nightmares slips in.“Hƙĩƙa Allah Yã yi mani jinƙai ni“(Allah has indeed been merciful to me).To borrow a leaf from the other religion,a sentence that best sums up my story, “Kũka iya jure da dare, amma farin ciki ya zo da safe(tears may endure for the night,but joy comes in the morning)…


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  1. Tosin says:

    Quite twisted from the first part but a very great and wonderful way to end the story… When there is life there is great hope in the offing… Happy new year Dolapo… Greater things and grounds to cover this new year… Legoo 2015

    1. Thanks a mill for reading Tosin. Yes there’s hope. Same to you bro. Amen and you too. Let’s go

  2. Adelaja says:

    I envy the way you eloquently and vividly paint the story as if it really happened to you…another thing I admire is the creative transitions, employment of the hausa language, asking questions 4rm d reader to give a personal touch etc…despite the fact that I didn’t read the 1st part, I could relate well with this. Nice one dollar, keep up the creative work.

    1. Thanks a lot Laja boss. I’m glad you like it. Oh that’s something. Thanks again bro,God bless u

  3. joke says:

    This is really nice,I specifically like the delivery of words and the context of which its been used,keep it up,God’s is ur strength

    1. Thanks Joke,glad u think so. (Y). Amen and yours too.

  4. joke says:

    This is really nice,I specifically like the delivery of words and the context of which its been used,keep it up,God’s is ur strength.

  5. yetunde_haliart says:

    Nice write-up hun. I like.

    1. Thanks Yetty. Glad u like it. ({})

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