To KC(My brother,friend,classmate)

I can’t stop thinking about you both day and night,
I need to know that you are alright,
Because since the past week I have been struck with several bouts of ague,
I need you to call and tell me its not true,
I need you to send a message saying you are fine and just want to for a while roam,
And before we know it you will come back home,
Is here no longer fun,is here no longer hip?
Or have you found yourself another home,where you alone now sleep?

Kc,can you hear me?
Just hurry back,school resumed Monday this week,
The thought of you not being here already makes me terribly sick,
Your seat will be empty,but it might soon be taken,
So come now Kc,that you are dead I’m not believing.

You know ‘So beautiful’ our favourite Asa song,
I listened to it today and it sounded all wrong,
Maybe its because you are not here or has it become stale?
I’m lost here,can you come and a brother bail?

Can you hear me,my friend?
Mom and dad are distraught,
Never again to experience the joy you once brought,
So you know,Aunty has nearly gone mad,
She’s lost it;her mind like a coin dropped in the Lake Chad
Your cousins can’t take it,it feels like a dream,
All they do is cry,tears that flows like a stream
Don’t make them sad,don’t make them cry,
This joke is getting out of hand,come home and their tears dry,
Wherever you are,please come home my guy,
Come dispel this rumour,tell us its a lie,
‘Cos in this moment,we can’t move on,
While the earth and all its elements whispers, “He’s gone”
Brother,can you even hear me?
Or am I talking to me?

Kc,can you hear me?
Don’t tell me its goodbye,
Don’t tell me I’d no longer see you with my physical eye,
Don’t tell me we have parted to see no more,
And only in dreams and illusions can we rapport,
Don’t tell me your promise of coming to our weddings,was all a lie?
And you would be witnessing no knot being tie(d)
Kc,can you hear me?
Is the sound of my voice too low?
Am I speaking too fast or too slow?
If English is now uncool,”I nwere ike ịnụ m” is Igbo,
Can you hear me?
Kc,please tell me,
Brother can you hear me?

Rest eternally in the bossom of the Lord Ekelemchi Nwuzor(KC). May God grant your family and all of us the fortitude to bear this humongous loss.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Tosin says:

    Wow!!! I’m very speechless right now. It is well with the family and everyone else.

    1. Thanks Tosin,for always reading. Amen.

  2. Adelaja says:

    There are people that do hear us but their reply and retorts mere mortals can’t hear and KC has just joined them..but believe me he hears every word. Sorry about the unfortunate loss.

    1. Thanks for reading Laja,really appreciate it. I hope he heard every word. Thanks Laja.God bls u

    2. Adelaja says:

      **There are……

  3. Ravel says:

    Nice one bro. Rip KC!

    1. Thanks for reading bro. God bless you

  4. Djetore says:

    Read this last nyt n I jst kept on crying. Cldnt think of anything to say. Kc was a good guy, y did he die? He was full of life n was so much fun. I remember when I saw him dancing shoki, hahaha, he was a good dancer too, so y did he die, wat was so great a flaw that he had to leave so early. God knows best. Rest in Peace Ekelemchi, you are with your Father now.

    1. I’m afraid I have no answers to your questions Akpevwe. I still have no words myself,I also have several questions of my own that needs answering. Why good people die I don’t understand. KC was great guy . Thanks for reading.

  5. Margaret says:

    Rest in peace K. C(Kings College)

    1. Maggie,thanks for reading. Rest in peace Kc

  6. titilope says:

    So sad, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace ,Amen

    1. Thanks for reading Titi,Amen.

  7. Mr Folu ' Fabulous says:

    I’ve been waiting for a week for someone to tell me it’s a rumour. Nothing like that yet, Can’t still believe it. God will grant his parents and siblings succour,Amen.

    1. I have been waiting myself,but its not forthcoming. Amen. Thanks for reading Folu

  8. tobi says:

    RIP KC….my “coret” guy.
    Hey big dude (@ dolapo) all questions needs answers; but not all will be answered.

    1. Thanks for reading Tobi(Lese),God bless you. WORD,very true…not all questions will get answers.

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