Happy Valentine’s day y’all

A moment of silence,
Silence……deafening and dumb-founding,one preceded by violence,
Violence occasioned by shallow religious extremists;men,
Men with a thirst allured by red,
The thick red sea of human blood,
Blood tinging the white markings on the faded black roads,
Roads,airs and seas with the gargantuan appetite of a termite,
Termites gorging and gormandizing several valuable materials and woods,
Woods;coffins our vehicle to the great beyond,
Beyond where the eyes can see and ears,hear,
Where all you hear are sounds gravely associated with the grave,
A rose for each of those grave,
New graves built for friends and families from yesterday.

A rose for the grave of my brother and friend Ekelemchi Nwuzor,
One for that of Aunt Sola ,
Another for Uncle Bola,
One for my friend Abiola,
A rose for your beloved mom,and late dad too,
Your adorable grand pa and grand mom too,
Another for your sister or brother who passed away,
And for that special friend you would have died for any day,
A rose for each and everyone of you,
Saying this Valentine’s,that we love and miss you.

A rose for the grave,
These graves that still house the dead,
The dead;our dead;friends and family from before,
Before;a time from our remote and distant past,
A past that haunts us,one pervaded with the perturbing fragrance of torture,
Torture that left atop their faces an outlandish look,
Looks outlined by hot unceasing tears,
Tears flowing like streams,gently caressing their angled chins,
Chins and skins submerged in an ocean of black,
Black flailing ink,
Inks which etch scars occasioned by vengeful whips,
Whips that sends shrill cries pouring from their mouths like waters to the oceans,
Oceans they crossed and never returned,
They infact returned to where it had all began;dust,
Dust,back to dust,laid in a dust-laden hole,
Holes not too deep for sins not too grave,
The graves;that of our fore-fathers…
A rose for those graves.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Olutoyin Ojo says:

    Very deep and thoughtful of you to remember them all. I like the style too

    1. Thanks a lot mom,glad you like it. Happy Valentine’s day ma.

  2. esther eze says:

    Really nice one dolapo.

    1. Thank u Esther,glad u think so

  3. TheRains94 says:

    “A rose for the grave, These graves that still house the dead,”… WOW

    1. Femi my G,(Y). Thanks for reading

  4. adelaja says:

    Nice one dolapo…it’s a paragon of simplicity and originality.

    1. Thanks for always reading Adelaja. Glad u think so. God bless u

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