28th March 2013,I lost my aunt;Aunt Shola in a motor accident and 28th March 2015,I forgot and I had to be reminded last night that its been two years since we lost her,you don’t want to know how terrible that makes me feel. A month after that I also lost my uncle;Uncle Bola . Also 1st of March this year my uncle lost his wife;Aunt Toyin during childbirth. Lost my friend Kc,January of this year too. Oh this is getting too personal. To Aunt Shola,Uncle Bola,Aunt Toyin and Kc. Cheers.

Its been a while since you have been gone,
Things just have not been the same,
Though time has gurgled on,
But it hasn’t healed the pain as they claim,
See,our hearts still ache with sadness,
And a lot of tears still flow,
And our eyelids scarlet and heavy with distress,
What it meant to lose you,no one will ever know,
All through the diurnal beam of the sun,
And the nocturnal gleam of the moon,
Will the flames of our love for you eternally burn,
And your name,the mouths of our mind continually croon,
Though we love you,
God loves you more,
We will meet at the feet of Jesu,
Where we will meet to part no more.
And until we meet again,please stay the same.

Though you have passed away,
And are with the Lord this day,
Enjoying a better life anew,
Your memory shall we carry through
We pray that the road rise to meet you,
And God in His palm hold you,
Stay sweet and pure of soul,you,
Until we again rendezvous

Though you never said goodbye,
Neither did you give a hint that you were leaving,
We can’t explain why,
Know it really hurt our feeling(s),
But as long as skies are blue,
And fields are green,
And ignorance has no clue,
Forever in our hearts ,you will reside within,
Fare thee well…
Until we again rendezvous.

Thanks for reading


13 Comments Add yours

  1. adelaja says:

    Like the way you weaved the words with such beautiful Poetic blend. Jesu instead of jesus gives it that latin / yoruba flavour, I bet , shakespare’s ignorance has no clue of your stupendous creativity…me like it.

    1. Lool Laja,whine am well… Thanks a lot bro. Glad u think so. God bless u

  2. Florence Dairo says:

    WHAO!!!… I’m perplexed…. God knows best. Be strong. -Flox

    1. Thanks Flox,yes he does. God bless you

  3. Enioluwa says:

    This is peotic justice….awesome piece!!

    1. Lool. Thanks a lot Eni. God bless u

  4. ekaetehunter says:

    Dolapo… I have no doubts that I have taught you well. 😉

    1. Lool Ayo,I also have no doubt in my mind that I learned from the best teacher. 😉

  5. demilhadey says:

    This is a poem of hope and loss, mixed together. Taking pain and turning it into something beautiful, Dolapo. God will be your comfort, in Jesus Name.

    1. Demilade!!! Thanks dear,amen. :*

  6. Yommy says:

    It’s so sad to witness the untimely death of dear sister, brother and beloved wife. It’s exactly one month today that my beloved Angel, companion, sister and wife left this sinful world. It’s so painful that I will never feel your touch, love nor see that beautiful dimples of yours whenever you smile at me again. I love you so much but God loves you more and that is why He took you so that you can have eternal rest. Our God is unquestionable. I have faith in you Lord and my faith shall not wobble. You are a great comforter and and I strongly believe that you will surely comfort me during this period of my grief. My Amiable & Darling Angel – Toyin! I really miss you so much…. I love u but God loves you more… Till we meet again to part no more, May your gentle soul Rest In Perfect Peace.. Amen

    1. Amen. May she rest in the bossom of the Lord forever. God is your strength Uncle Yomi

    2. Amen,may she rest in the bossom of the Lord forever. God is ur strength Uncle Yomi

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