Dear God,
How’s heaven,all the angels,arch-angels and your son,Jesus? And yourself?Good I presume. How are mom,Mary,Uncle Dan and Scott?Hope you all are well…I know you all are,you reside in Heaven.

I’m writing You this letter to discuss some really important issues with You. Like really very important. Before I proceed further,I sent four letters between autumn and spring God, but I got no reply. I guess you were pretty busy solving the problems of our world and providing answers to people’s prayers. If not,I guess there was a problem at the post office or something,or maybe grey-haired Harry;the post master,is unwell,or just maybe,my writing wasn’t legible enough or I screwed things up as I always do,according to Mrs Marella,my substitute history teacher. Forgive me Lord,but I don’t like her a lot. Please bring back Aunt Sally back soon,she’s a better teacher…Here’s another letter I am sending,I hope you get this one,this time.

Mom used to say “You are God and you know everything,like everything.” ,so I guess,I can be rest-assured you know who I am and where I am writing from,but for the avoidance of doubt and for emphasis,my name is Ryan and I’m 10years old. I have questions,so many questions that need answers. I hope you get the time to provide answers.

Firstly,why do good people die?Why not bad people?How come they call it goodbye? Shouldn’t it be bad-bye? Why did my mom die?Why did she have to go through so much pain? She said “God does not abandon His own.” Why did You abandon her? She was a really good person,she was good to everyone,she loved you as well as all the people around her. But bad things still happened to her,she was diagnosed with cancer;that of the blood. I overheard the doctor telling that to my dad . Mom was bedridden for several weeks,she felt and looked terrible like the shadow of her former self. Still,she had unwavering faith in You and in your power to heal her. She said,“God will show up.” But… you didn’t!! Why didn’t you? I think she deserves an answer. Even if not I and dad don’t .

Second question,do You really answer prayers? I want to know,please tell me. Because I remember,when mom was ill,I prayed to you to spare her life,dad did too,infact he probably prayed too much because he started losing his voice and weight too. Grandma also prayed,Reverend Jenkins and the members of our church prayed too,kids in my school did too,all of them but Samantha did. Sam is my good friend by the way,she stays next door with her aunt;Aunt Marcy. “God does not answer prayers“,she said. I prayed to Him on one occasion,when my mom was with child. I prayed that he saved her and her unborn baby but He didn’t. They both died,whilst my mom was being operated upon. Why did that happen?If He really answers prayers,why did my mom die? I didn’t have answers to her questions,neither did I believe what she said about You not answering prayers. I believed You indeed answered prayers,so I prayed and prayed. I even tried to get your direct line so I could speak with you because of the urgency of the issue,but no one seemed to have it. Even Reverend Jenkins didn’t,though he said he did. He said your hotline was prayer(s). I wanted digits but I didn’t get any,so I prayed for weeks and wrote you a heaven of letters to be sent to you in heaven. This time,I wrote the address on the letters perfect .But still,I got no reply.

Mom died after 2months of battling with the ailment. Few weeks before then,she had had her hair scraped,she experienced difficulties moving around,she laid on her back more than half of the times,smiling and whispering encouraging words for time to time. “Its gonna be okay baby,just be strong” she said

The last time I saw her,she had demanded that I came to see her before I went to school. Her excuse being that she wanted me to get a few things for her at Annie’s,on my way back from school. But there was something different about the different way mom held and looked at me. She glared a little too long,held me a little too tight,everything felt a little strange…Little did I know that I was seeing my mom for the last time;the very last time. I returned to the hospital,to an empty sick bed and the news that my mom was dead. I didn’t know what to feel,only that my head was pounding and heart,racing. I cried and cried but crying would not bring her back…

Since mom’s death,Dad has been a shadow of his former self,he’s been married to his bottles. He no longer goes to work,him getting drunk is the only job he does and he sure does it very well. Before now,I had never seen so many empty bottles of whiskey,red wine and spirits but now they lie lazily in every corner of our house,in the living room,in dad’s bedroom,the visitor’s toilet,even the basement. Dad has been spending a fortune on alcohol and he doesn’t seem to be planning on stopping anytime soon. What do I do?

Grandma would normally say, “God does not do evil” and I know it is true because one time when I prayed that dad’s drunkenness shouldn’t kill him,You granted my request and dad didn’t die. Dad was close to death,very close infact,but he didn’t die. That time,I’m sure dad had no blood left in his bloodstream,just alcohol. NO,no one can survive without blood in his body as I have come to learn. Rather little blood was discovered in his alcohol stream. Dad was really sick,he was vomiting blood,his breath short, he was always tired and couldn’t even stand atop his feet. He had to be rushed to the hospital. He was there for several months,and was advised never to taste alcohol in his life again. But,we all know dad,he’s the most obstinate thing that happened to humanity,he’s back amongst the bottles again. He was diagnosed with anaemia and cirrhosis of the liver I guess. Conditions I think are associated with too much intake of alcohol. Dad did not die,You did not let him die,You did not let me be orphaned. Or may be not. Maybe dad was just lucky not to have died then or maybe he got medical attention early enough,or maybe death wasn’t ready to kill him or just maybe,mom was protecting him. I still do not know if You answer prayers but if you do,please, I pray thee,don’t let my daddy die. Please.

They say You are God and nothing is too difficult for you. They even say, there’s nothing you can’t do. If that is true and I believe it is. Please answer my prayers and don’t let my daddy lie.

Please reply as soon as you get this,its extremely urgent and just incase you would rather call than write. Like you did,Samuel. I’d leave dad’s cell, my pager, and our home phone at the bottom. You can call between the hours of 4 and 7pm.I’d be readily available to answer your call.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Your friend,


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  1. Simi Adewale says:

    Lovely letter, straight out of the heart of a pure and innocent child. I hope to see God’s reply.

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