Happy new year my dear friends. 2015 would not have been the same without you. Let’s do it again.

My people say “thinkers are thankers,”and “if one gives thanks for yesterday,he will receive another.” They also say that “whosoever does not give thanks for the benevolence of yesterday is like a robber.” I am not and would not like to be equated to a robber,thus,I am taking this opportunity to thank God for the innumerable things he did for me in the past year. I am very thankful. If every follicle of hair on my head became tongues,it still will be insufficient to thank God for everything He’s done for me. Dear God,thank you…

B’eru ba monu ro amope du. Because I can think,I’m therefore thankful… I’m thankful for life,my life and that of all my family,friends and colleagues. 365days,8760hours,525,600minutes,31,556,926 seconds in a year and He kept me,kept us through every moment of it,I am grateful. I am equally thankful for death. Death,that of Ekelemchi Nwuzor(Kc),Aunt Toyin Idowu,Big mommy Toyin Randle,Simi’s uncle,Seyi’s uncle. Or what would you have me do,than be thankful? God is Kabiesi,the unquestionable God… Perhaps,death is one of the reminders of our mortality. Its my prayer that we all grow old and stricken with age,before death comes calling. Amen.

Also,I’m thankful for love,because of love,God sent His only begotten son,Jesus to die for our sins. Without that love,where would I be? Where would you be?You tell me. Because of this love,I hold myself back from washing the toilet seat with Jadesola,Faruq,Azeezat and Bolu’s toothbrushes whenever they annoy me. Because of this same love,I leave the house and take several walks to clear my head and rid myself of anger when Mom,Small mom,Dad,Chukwuka,Deji and Tope annoy me instead of saying or doing something silly(David and John do not annoy me though), Owing to this same love,I prevent myself from saying the gruesomest of things to and smacking Simi in the upside of the head,everytime she acts like a juvenile delinquent suburban princess and sees nothing wrong with it,and says,Dolapo its you. No one can get under my skin like you,Simi. Only because of love,because love,supersedes all.

No man is an island,eniyan laso temi. And because of this solitary fact,I am thankful for family,friends,for the readers and followers of my blog(I love you all). The Adeniyi’s,Randle,Adebowale,Disu,Ayodele and Akande families. Though I pride myself in being a loner and all but still,I have wonderful friends I’m thankful for. A lot of them. Friends that have become blood and friends that have become family. If I begin mentioning names,I won’t end this post anytime soon and I might inadvertently leave out some very important names. All in all,I am thankful and honoured to have such great friends. This post will however be incomplete if I failed to mention Rachel,my ride or die. I can’t go a day without speaking with Rachel. God bless you for me,Ojenimame. I don’t need to say the words,you know I love you. I cannot but mention my brothers: Dayo,Dele,Tobi,Ola(troublemaker) Bolu,Emmanuel,Chidi,Shola,Pastor Vaughan. Thank you for playing a humongous part in my 2015. To my gals,should I mention names? Nah,I won’t. God bless you people for me,I love you gals too,you know yourselves.

I am also thankful for journey mercies. For myself and all the other members of my family and friends too. From going from point A-Z,considering the fact that there’s no small journey,to travelling for winter holiday,summer holiday,to and back from Law School. I am thankful. I am especially thankful for a certain bird I know,that flies all year round;Dad. Thank God for journey mercies.

In the same vein,we appreciate God for peace in our country Nigeria. Even though we have series of unrest and insurrections in some parts of the country,we appreciate God still. If you have seen war,you will appreciate God for peace. Eni ija oba ni pera e lokunrin. At least,we can go to school,our various workplaces or rest our restive heads,peacefully on our beds. God we thank you.

Finally,I thank God for the grace to start and end tasks. I thank God for ends,for conclusions,for my L.L.B degree,dear God,thank you. God be also praised for new beginnings,fresh starts clothed and garnished as a new year. I am thankful. And for other immeasurable and innumerable things God has done for me personally,I thank Him. God,I am thankful.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. rachySmallz says:

    *sobs* *sniffs* someone pass me their handkerchief pls.

    1. Adedolapo says:

      Loool Rachy,here u go. Thanks for reading Rachel.

  2. stevn says:

    Short of words..this is just good 4 d season#thankful

    1. Adedolapo says:

      Thanks for reading bro. Glad u think so. (Y)

  3. UntouchableOG says:

    Good one bro

    1. Adedolapo says:

      Glad u think so. Thanks for reading bro.

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