Let me tell you a story, there lived a thin fair hairy boy, who could write really well,write his pains and sorrows away. One day, the thin fair hairy boy stopped knowing how to write. The end. That is the story of my life… I wrote this back when i used to write , precisely on the 10th day of July,2015.I stumbled upon it whilst looking through my email drafts. I hope you like it. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS.


The world to me is a prison and you, a prisoner… yes a prison, a round or is it spherical ball revolving round the sun for days and nights unending;a MOVING PRISON. Isn’t a prison an enclosure,either permanent or temporary? Is the world in itself not a prison? A permanent enclosure. At least till your death,its not like you would get out alive…except you are an astronaut or some UFO.

I know you think I’m crazy or stupid or just plain ignorant. But believe it or not I am a prisoner,you are a prisoner too and the world is our prison. I am a liar,do not believe a word I say,but please listen.

The world;our world is a world of wars, a world of order,a world of regulations,a world of laws,a world of workers,a world of organizations,a world of racism,a world of liars,a world of dictators ,a world of love,and hate, a world of many things resembling eight, a world … We are enslaved to our thoughts,our beliefs,our words,our ideologies,our associations . I mean the ones handed to us by the world,from generation to generation…

A,B,C,D….Z,letters of the alphabets,1,2,3 to a hundred million gazillion. Did you invent the letters of the alphabet? Or the numbers of this world? Or were you constrained or arm-wrestled to digest,regurgitate and digest them again without asking questions? Like hell you were,you are slave to the letters and numbers of the alphabets and the likes,you are slave;prisoner to your words,your thoughts,your actions,you are too,you and you,and you over there and you too… Without them you can’t eat,drink,can’t communicate,associate,can’t live and when you don’t live,you die. That in itself is a lie,you can live without food and water,you can live without actually living, don’t believe what they say,that is what they make you think,that is what they have handed to you. But why would you believe me,A LIAR? Don’t believe me but please listen  when i say,you are a prisoner…


 Laws,regulations and orders which you and me are subject,by our mere existence,by us being us,we have to live and abide by them. The law of God,the law of man,law of nature,law of gravity,law of life,law of death,constitutions,codes of conduct,codes of the brother or sisterhood and more codes,911,419,080,081,+44,+233…PRISONER ,that is what you are.

Authorities,government,parents,God himself. A set of patterns you are to live and sometimes die by,failing which you become a transgressor of the law,an outlaw or outcast. You then cry for help,you cry because you are meant to have a choice to obey or not to obey,you cry for justice. And if there’s any justice in this world,it is the justice of the world,jungle justice(which is no justice at all),justice of the court…Justice handed to you,justice you cannot refuse. The same justice from the world,PRISONER, that is what you are. Or where else can you get justice outside of this world? Unless you are willing to appeal to the court of heaven. And I presume you must be dead to associate with the dead. Who even told you there’s God?Have you seen Him,felt Him,experienced Him? Do you know what He looks like? Is He black,white or blue? You don’t know,but you don’t doubt it, you doubt it but you can’t voice it,m you can voice it but you can’t insist or stand by it,PRISONER!!!  You like being subject  to a particular being,one,you believe is supreme, or maybe you just like being slave to the idea of God. Its comforting ,I think, to have a God somewhere watching over you. it is, indeed. What does that make you?Obedient,submissive,loyal? It makes you a PRISONER. But who am I to tell you what to believe,as I believe in God too? A prisoner,big time prisoner…

Please read and comment. Help me to start writing again. 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fiwa says:

    We really are enslaved by so many things we don’t realise… Very intelligently written, B. :* :*

    1. Adedolapo says:

      Thanks for reading sugar. Glad you think so :* :*.

  2. My plenty dollar is writing again. I am proud of you. You always had depth and you still have it. I look forward to seeing more articles. Kilzelz.

    1. Adedolapo says:

      Yippee, BGS in the building!!! Thanks darling, I’m glad you think so…I really appreciate it Ay. Thanks for reading 😉

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