Hi guys,long time no see. Hope you guys have been good? May the blessings of the Lord be with you and may He comfort you on every side.

Here  is a poem I wrote  yesterday at work. My pastor would say fear has torment but Fear means:

F – False

E- Evidence

A – Appearing

R  – Real

If its not real, why do I feel this way? Why does it feel so real? Why? I cannot proffer answers,but I can tell you how I feel and we can reason together. Enjoy


I am scared,

Scared of something I do not know,

 I’m scared,

Scared of something I cannot describe,

I’m scared,

Scared of something that haunts me in my sleep,

One that submerges me in fear until I am neck deep,

Threatening to snatch the life out of me,

And be the eventual death of me,

I feel it,

I feel it,

I feel the emptiness that resides deep down in my soul,

Deep and bottomless and as black as coal,

Enthroning itself over my feeble heart,

Reigning and ruling without tact.

Fear from Pexels photo

So I cried,

Hoping to cry my fears and worries away,

And cried,

Wishing  that I fade, and eventually  fade away,

As I cried,

See the tears come pouring like rivers of waters,

And I cried,

Until my eyes became without water,

So I ran,

Ran as fast as my legs could me, carry,

And ran,

Until my legs were numb and heavy,


Till I became breathless and was gasping for air,

And ran,

Till I felt faint and as light as a strand of hair.

Then,I wished,

Wished I could fly,

Fly past and above the sky,


Till I have touched every mountain high,


Till I am far from earth and the heavens draw nigh,


Until my wings are lost or broken,


Until there’s no way back from heaven,


Until I realize that fear is a lie,

One that won’t stop, until the day I die.


Thanks for reading.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Awwwn. I can relate. Until this morning when I came across the hymn – what a friend we hve in Jesus – about taking it all to the Lord in prayer.

    Lovely poem. Is it okay if I say welcome back? Or will you leave us ‘high and dry again’?

    1. Adedolapo says:

      Ayodele* in Onoye’s voice*. Yes yes,we have a great friend in Jesus Christ. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment too. God bless you. Well,I guess I am back ,so it is somewhat safe. :*

  2. OG says:

    Good piece of work bro 👊

    1. Adedolapo says:

      Chuki!!! Thanks for reading bro, glad you you think so bro. God bless you

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