Mayweather v Macgregor
Mayweather v Macgregor (Skysports.com)
Many analysts have given their verdicts on the Mayweather v MacGregor bout, and some have said that McGregor will win for the following reasons (reasons, for which I have responses):


Connor McGregor is younger at only 29 years of age and in the best shape of his life. He is 5′ 9″, weighs 154 lbs and  has a reach of 74.0 in (188 cm) , significantly more than Floyd  Mayweather who  is 5′ 8″,weighs 151 lbs with a reach of  72 in (183 cm),is 40 years of age and has been retired for around two years, having not stepped in the ring since taking a win over Andre Berto in 2015.  Even Floyd admitted this in a recent interview with ESPN saying “When you look at myself and Conor McGregor on paper, he’s taller, has a longer reach, he’s a bigger man from top to bottom. He’s a lot younger, so youth is on his side.”

Rebuttal: Even with this obvious disadvantage in height, weight and reach and youth on the side of Connor MacGregor , ‘Money’ has fought several taller and bigger fighters. Diego Corrales (Lt) was undefeated in 33 bouts and far taller, standing at 5 ft 10 12 in (179 cm) with a longer reach of 73 in (185 cm) before he was knocked down 5 times in 5 rounds in this fight, the first set of knock downs in his career before the Mayweather fight, on the 20th day of January 2001. Both Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton and Andre Berto were younger when they were comprehensively beaten by Floyd Mayweather .He beat Berto at 38years of age, when the latter was about 31 years old. Add Wrestler ‘Big Show ‘ to the list. The Former multi-division world champion; Mayweather fought and defeated wrestling giant Big Show in a ‘No Disqualification’ wrestling match at Wrestlemania XXIV in March 2008. Big Show stands at a phenomenal 7′ 0″ ft (only freakishly tall people attain this height) and weighs an outrageous 383 lbs; more than twice Macgregor’s weight and he was still beaten by Mayweather.

no way out 2008
Mayweather v the Big Show (Youtube.com)
MACGREGOR IS A BAD MAN,ONE OF THE BADDEST IN THE WORLD: Another thing some analysts have said, is that McGregor is a bad man ,like a bad man that scares tough bad men and Mayweather might rather not fight him, but money is involved, so Mayweather will fight him and fight him ,he will. He is undoubtedly one of the toughest men Floyd Mayweather has fought and will ever fight. Some analysts have even claimed that Mayweather is scared of him…


Rebuttal: Mayweather is a bad bad guy too. This bad guy pummels people for breakfast, lunch ,dinner and repeats it all over again. 49 top level fights without a defeat is impressive, to say the least. Floyd must be one really bad guy to have fought and beaten 49 different men (which includes Manny Pacquiao, Arturo Gatti, Miguel Cotto, Oscar de La Hoya, Andre Berto, Victor Ortiz etc) in his professional career in over 400 rounds of boxing. Mayweather is the bad man!! Tell me about a bad man and I’d show you that they don’t come any ‘badder’ than ‘the Big Show’.

MACGREGOR IS A SOUTHPAW AND FLOYD STRUGGLES AGAINST SOUTHPAWS- It has been claimed that Floyd  Mayweather has always struggled against southpaws as he cannot utilize his trademark ‘Shoulder Roll’.  Oscar De La Hoya said when he went on Tim Kawakami’s podcast  to discuss the  Mayweather v Pacquiao fight, that , ” I’ve preached this all along. The left hand is the Kryptonite for Mayweather…”

Rebuttal:  It may be true that Mayweather struggles against southpaws, even if it is,it will only be  professional boxers who are south paws, can really really punch and take punches, which I don’t think MacGregor can do. Also, in Money’s time as a boxer against them, he hasn’t lost a single fight, not even against the most lefty of southpaws. Floyd has fought and defeated 9 southpaws in his time as a professional boxer, with the best of them  arguably,being Manny Pacquiao(without prejudice to the other great southpaws he has faced).  Pacquiao is quick, very  lively,skillful and very tactical in the boxing ring, he fights an all action style. In 2009, he destroyed De La Hoya, in a beating that an HBO analyst declared “Death by 1,000 left hands.” Mayweather is a very intelligent, calculating and tactically sound fighter and is one of the most elusive fighters the sport has seen. Thus, Floyd would be fully prepared for MacGregor’s left, even if he possesses two instead of come August 26th (or 27th depending on your timezone). It is Macgregor, however, who should be weary of Mayweather’s dangerous left hook. (Ricky Hatton would be able to explain better, 8th December 2007 is the date). It is worth noting that Mayweather has beaten every southpaw he has faced, along with the rest of his opponents.



MAYWEATHER HAS A SUPERIOR DEFENCE COMPARED TO MACGREGOR – Mayweather fights a very elusive style, using his impeccable defense , the shoulder roll being one of them(the shoulder roll is an old-school boxing technique, in which the fighter holds his right hand slightly higher than normally is the case ,while keeping the left hand down near the midsection. Instead of using his gloves to block or repel incoming punches,’Money’ masterfully tucks his iron shoulder onto his cheek and covers his chin),with swift counter punches on the back foot. Floyd has fought the creme de la creme of boxing in every category he has fought and obviously, defeated them. Names such as Oscar De la Hoya, Sugar Shane Mosley, Marcos Maidana and most recently,Manny Pacquiao,have bitten the dust trying to defeat the undisputed pound for pound king of boxing. Those with superior defense and attacking threat than rookie boxer, though seasoned UFC  and mixed martial arts fighter,MacGregor have crumbled to Mayweather’s awesome power and superior know-how. (A video even surfaced of McGregor ‘s former sparring partner, Chris van Heerden, saying that he landed at will, after coming from an off-season(break), on many occasions and he isn’t even Mayweather. Though to his defense , MacGregor’s camp released a video of Connor knocking former World champion, Paulie Malignaggi down twice, even though Paulie challenged the credibility of the footage, asking that the whole fight’s footage be released). I’m not saying Mayweather doesn’t get hit,in fact he gets hit a lot, boxing is a contact sport with two men in the ring for 12rounds more or less, exchanging blow after blow, but compared to other fighters, he almost doesn’t.  Don’t take my words for it, take a trip to YouTube and look up Mayweather’s fights and also MacGregor fights and see how many times he gets hit with punches by non-professional boxers.

Mayweather's shoulder roll
Mayweather’s shoulder roll AsianFightScene.com

ITS A BOXING BOUT,MAYWEATHER IS 49-0(this means far more experience) AND MACGREGOR IS 0-0 : The Mayweather v Connor MacGregor fight on the 26th of August(27th August in Nigeria and countries operating in a different time zone from that of the U.S.A) is a boxing bout scheduled for 12 rounds and Floyd Mayweather is a professional boxer (though retired for sometime)with years of professional experience under his belt. If it were a full-on, anything goes brawl ,where you can strike with any part of your body and even fight on the canvas,then definitely McGregor will carry the day,but it’s boxing and Mayweather is the boxing king and arguably the greatest boxer of all time.  He’s undefeated in 49 fights for a reason,49 fights without defeat. Try counting 49 on your fingers and you will know what I am saying. MacGregor has never been in a boxing bout before,don’t let his sweet talks or knockdowns of UFC fighters deceive you. On the night, MacGregor’s inexperience will be visible for all to see whereas ,Floyd will radiate experience, grace, showmanship and panache. Floyd  will give us a spectacle.  He has been hit a lot of times, he has been in difficult fights, he knows what to do when the going gets tough. Barring a freak accident , classy Floyd will without a shadow of doubt defeat and outclass ‘classless’  MacGregor.

3000 (1)
Mayweather (telegraph.co.uk)

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