This should have been posted on Mother’s Day or even Children’s Day, but for some reasons it wasn’t,my apologies.I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for so long, I just kind of lost the zeal to. I started posts but couldn’t finish…I guess I’m back!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the super moms in the world.


I have never told you how scared I am of the dark,

And the monsters that roam at night,

Or have I?

Or that I’m scared of what the future holds?

And I harbour the fear of the unknown,

Did I ever tell you of my fear of heights?

Maami,did I?

Mama,I have never told you how much I love and care for you,

But you know,don’t you,Ma?

You know,right?

You know everything,Maami,

You do.

Last year,I did something bad;something terrible,

Does that make me bad,Maami?Does it?

You know everything.

Don’t you,Mama?

You know everything, does it?

Mama,I am petrified,really petrified,but I don’t let it show,

My heart sinks;

Sinks deeper than the capsized Titanic,

But no one knows,

Words fail me,Maami,

And silence fills my heart,

I feel pain no more,

I am numb,

All the feelings have left me,

I’m empty,

I’m like an aching void of loneliness,

But you know this,don’t you Maami?

Don’t you?


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